Wednesday, April 24, 2013

iPhone and Android : Native app vs Web app

I strongly recommend Native app, why?

1) performance issues, like speed or rendering of view and their responsive-ness on tap/touch -- for rich looks, function smoothly and quickly, views animation native is the best choice!

2) Native SDK has all access to device features and APIs , but in web its very poor (limited); Framework for hybrid apps can help though (but not up to the mark).

3) we experienced: Web apps aren’t ‘write once, run everywhere either anymore. i.e. different layout, browser dependency, java-script engine

4) Discover-ability as app is on app store (and user expects iPhone/android app there) is  more straightforward

5) Push notification, Client server architecture based apps in distributed environment with offline storage 

6) Better operability, runtime diagnostics information, optimized (test and analyze with tools available with XCode iOS SDK and Eclipse ADT ) 

7) Why should not we build app on technology as of existing SDK? i.e. Objective-C based in iPhone and JAVA in android.

*my personal notes/knowledge I gain by learning.

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