Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My amazing app on App store : iFindMyWine

One of my amazing app, Which I have developed , during my association with Ebizon Netinfo.Application owner is InfiniteSky Development, LLC.

I loved to develop ,design this iPhone app and helping in writing the web service in C#.NET.. SQL server ... Enjoyed it a lot !!!!!!!


Idea & description:

At the press of a button, it will find any retail outlet that offers wine, beer or liquor in your area, no matter where you are in Canada.

Find All Store Types - iFindMyWine is not limited to finding only liquor stores or wineries. Find any type of licenced liquor store in your area.

Receive News and Updates - One of the most important and unique features of iFindMyWine is its ability to broadcast special messages issued by specialty wine stores or wineries to notify users of new arrivals, availability of a rare vintage or monthly specials and promotional offers.

Get Clear Directions - Get clear maps of the area where you are and clear step by step instructions on how to get to your destination.

Look for a different store type quickly and easily from anywhere within the application.

You can not only look for what's available in your immediate surrounding, but you can also choose to search by province or by city, anywhere in Canada.

iFindMyWine will use the GPS capabilities built into your SmartPhone and will display all stores starting with the ones that are closest to your location and going to the farthest ones.

If you have selected "Stores Near Me" from the main menu, then the list of stores will automatically indicate with a colour dot, to the left of each listing, whether each store is currently open or closed, or even whether it will be closing in the next 30 minutes.

Once you have identified which wine or liquor store meets your criteria, get the complete details including complete address and phone number, map and directions and even store business hours.

Click on the store's phone number and your SmartPhone will automatically dial the number and put you in contact with the store directly so that you can find out if they have the particular vintage that you are looking for.

That's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

XMLParsers : SAX & DOM Parser

XML Parsing can be broken down into two logical components: a parser and a scanner.

The scanner reads the text and classifies it as "tokens". A token is a catagory that is recognized by the parser.

e.g. a scanner for the Java programming language might return the tokens that include: identifier, integer, for (a reserved word).

Before we begin, I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the most important difference between XML parsers: whether the parser is a SAX or a DOM parser.


A SAX parser is one where your code is notified as the parser walks through the XML tree, and you are responsible for keeping track of state and constructing any objects you might want to keep track of the data as the parser marches through.

A DOM parser reads the entire document and builds up an in-memory representation that you can query for different elements. Often, you can even construct XPath queries to pull out particular pieces.

An important point, relative to SAX, is that the parser calls the scanner. As the parser processes the tokens returned by the scanner it performs operations, like building a syntax tree.

In the case of SAX, the scanner (the SAXParser object) calls the parser. This makes parsing with SAX needlessly awkward and complicates the architecture of the software. For this reason, the DOMParser is frequently used for parsing complicated XML documents.

The SAXParser does have two notable advantages over the DOMParser: the SAXParser is faster and it uses less memory. While the SAXParser is difficult to use for processing complex XML documents, perhaps it is appropriate for processing simple XML documents.....

in iPhone : NSXMLParser is a SAX parser included by default with the iPhone SDK. It’s written in Objective-C and is quite straightforward to use, but perhaps not quite as easy as the DOM model.